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VLAWMO – Aquatic Invasive Species Training:

What are aquatic invasive species? How can you tell if a plant is native or invasive? Join us for this free outdoor demo as we look at key species that are either currently invasive or pose a future threat to our water resources. Participants can attend just to learn or step into a leadership role in helping VLAWMO and Ramsey County monitor for new infestations. For questions contact VLAWMO at (651) 204-6070.

Submerged Aquatic Plant Demo:

Have you ever been flustered by aquatic plants? What are they, and what are they good for? Join VLAWMO for an up-close look at some common plants, what they mean for the lake, and their management strategies. For questions contact VLAWMO at (651) 204-6074.

Whitaker Wetlands Tour:

White Bear Township and VLAWMO have partnered up to build an innovative new wetlands treatment project. Join us for a tour of the project to learn why it was built, how it works, what it means for surface water quality. For questions contact VLAWMO at (651) 204-6070.

The City Council passed a new tree policy for the city in October, 2018. As part of the policy the city takes responsibility for:  Trimming healthy trees that are in the cities right of away;  Removing dead trees in the cities right of way;  Remove trees that are diseased; If a tree is cut down the tree company, S&S Tree will grind the stump. The property owner can use the mulch as they want to.

City of Gem Lake and Water Gremlin Information:

Availability Sessions with MPCA/MDH information:  Letter to Residents announcing availability sessions with MPCA & MDH May 2019

For information on the development on County Road E, in Gem Lake “Villas at Gem Lake”  Click on the link for more information.


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