City of Gem Lake ordinances outline specific regulations on everything from building or remodeling a structure to dog licensing, as enforced by the City Code.

Master ordinance list

City of Gem Lake Zoning Map 9 2017

Gateway Zone_REVISED_SEP2017 (003)

09 Liquor Ordinance

19 Authorizing Assessor Collection

43G Hillary Farm

43K Zoning Ordinance (Incorporated into 131)

45 Garbage and Refuse

48 Alarm Systems

56 Electric Franchise

57 Gas Franchise

58C Subdivisions (Incorporated into 131)

60 Charitable Gambling

64E Municipal Sanitary Sewer

65 Nonintoxicating Liquor

66 Tree Preservation (Incorporated into 131)

67D Individual Septic Systems

68 Tobacco

70C Council Pay

77 Fire Code

78B Building Code

82 Adult Uses

83 Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Code

86 Nuisance Ordinance

91 Administration

92 Environmental Review (Incorporated into 131)

95 Pawnbroker Regulations

98 Partial Payment of Assessment

100 Landscaping (Incorporated into 131)

105 Background Checks

107B Gem Lake Gateway District Development Code (Incorporated into 131)

108 Annual Inspection of Septic Systems

109 Sign Regulations (Incorporated into 131)

111 Solicitors

113 Right of Way

114 Regulating Use of Land

115 Penalties for Violations of Tobacco Ordinance

116 Penalties for Violation of Liquor Ordinance

117 Increase of Charitable Giving

118 Acceptance of Gas Franchise

119 Acceptance of Electric Franchise

122 Garden Overlay Zone 1 (Incorporated into 131)

123 Variance Amendment 1

124B Hunting & Discharging of Weapons

125 Water Regulations Ordinance (Incorporated into 131)

126 Domestic Fowl Ordinance

129 Municipal Water and Sewer System

130 Temporary Family-Health-Care-Dwellings

131 Consolidated-land-use-ordinance

131 consolidated-land-use-ordinance-appendix-a

132 Motorized Golf Carts

133 Unlawful Camping

134 Home Occupations (Repealing No. 85)

135 Fees & Charges

136 Business Licensing

137 Prevailing Wage Rate

138 Targeted Picketing

139 Cannabis & CBD Sales & Distribution

140 Domestic Animals

141 Domestic Fowl and Pigeons

142 Agricultural and Wild Animals

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