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“Anytime is a great time to learn about the watershed, explore options for your property, and get involved. Here are three options from the Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization (VLAWMO):

  1. Check out VLAWMO’s cost-share program for new landscaping ideas that support water quality. This program can help make property improvements, restore problem areas, and solve drainage issues. VLAWMO staff provides a free on-site visit to assess property needs and opportunities, as well as explain the cost-share grant process. Contact (651) 204-6071 for more info or to request an on-site visit. More at

A variety of workshops are scheduled on topics of drainage solutions, ground covers, pollinators, native plants, and resilient yards. Learn more and register at  Brush up on water-friendly yard care before spring hits. Tips, tricks, and resources are available at


Read our most recent newsletter here:  January 2022 Gem Lake News

The City Council passed a new tree policy for the city in October, 2018. As part of the policy the city takes responsibility for: Trimming healthy trees that are in the cities right of away; Removing dead trees in the cities right of way; Remove trees that are diseased; If a tree is cut down the tree company, S&S Tree will grind the stump. The property owner can use the mulch as they want to.

For information on the development on County Road E, in Gem Lake “Villas at Gem Lake”  Click on the link for more information.


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